SEN & Disability Sessions

Here at Duck N’ Dive we value swimming’s nature not only as a fun way for you to stay active, but as a life saving skill that we believe should be accessible to all. This is why we offer a range of Disability sessions, ranging from Special Educational Needs such as Autism and Global Development Delays to physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

As SEN and disability lead, I personally work with the parents and children to work out their needs, fears and limitations so that we can perfectly alter every stroke, lesson and technique in a way that makes swimming accessible to them.

We work hard to deliver fun, engaging and informative lessons altered to the understanding and physical ability of every child we teach, taking our time to build solid bonds with our SEN and disability swimmers to aid them in feeling comfortable and confident in the water.

Learning through play, we teach all children the FUNdamentals of swimming, whilst aiding them to become the best swimmer and fine, future athletes they can be. – Lucy Rudge, SEN and Disability Lead

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Meet Isac

Meet Isaac, our extraordinary swimmer who radiates joy and determination in every session. Isaac, who has cerebral palsy and special educational needs (SEN), epitomizes resilience and enthusiasm as he takes the plunge into the water. His infectious spirit and steadfast dedication inspire both his peers and instructors. In our inclusive environment, Isaac flourishes, benefiting from tailored approaches and abundant encouragement. His progress stands as a testament to the transformative power of inclusion in nurturing confidence and accomplishment. We are privileged to count Isaac among our swimming community, where each stroke symbolises not only a journey in the pool but also a triumph of spirit and inclusion.

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Our classes are kept small, with a maximum of six individuals per session.

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Development Squads

The focus of our squads is teaching stamina, speed and getting our swimmers club ready.

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