Do I have to stay on site during lessons?

During lessons all parents and guardians must stay on site for safety reasons. You are, however, not required to stay poolside and we encourage, where possible, parents make use of the bar areas and offers at our venues.

How many children per lesson?

Class sizes for stages 1-4 are 6 per class, for stages 5-7 are 7 per class. We run on a 3:1 ratio up to stage 4, with an instructor and an assist in the water.

Are the teachers in the water with the children?

Instructors and assists stay in the water for children up to stage 4 so we can offer as much in-pool support as possible. From stage 5, most instructors get out of the water and teach from poolside in order to give our swimmers more room and to demonstrate more accurately and more visibly.

How long are lessons?

Our mainstream sessions run for half an hour, our squad sessions are an hour long.  

When should I buy goggles?

We encourage parents and carers to buy goggles from improver levels upwards. We discourage the use of goggles in our beginner stages as we like children to feel comfortable with the feeling of water in their faces so if they got into difficulty in any other body of water they’re more likely to expedite a self-rescue. For this reason we do lots of work on submersion without goggles, in a fun way, from beginner stages and will advise you when to buy goggles.

Does my child have to wear a swim cap?

Swimming caps are mandatory from stage 5, where sensory issues do not apply, but are encouraged for all stages.These can be purchased through us, please contact a us if you would like to buy one.

What happens if my child does not attend their class?

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement sessions for non-attendance.

How long will it take my child to swim?

There is no timeline to a child’s progress. As with any skill this depends on lots of factors like age, confidence, natural ability and willingness to learn. No two children are the same.

What age can my child join from?

We take children from the term before they start reception. For enquiries regarding younger children please contact our sister school, Tiny Swimming, who offer a fantastic baby and preschool programme, with children then transitioning to us.

How old should my child be to use their own genders changing rooms?

We ask that children use their own genders changing room from 8 where possible.

Do I need to get in the water with my child?

There is no need to get in the water with your child. Our instructors stay in the water with the children whilst parents watch from poolside or use our venues bars and lounges.

How long are courses?

Our courses run term time only, alongside our local council’s term dates. Re-enrolment is automatic unless notice to leave is given.

How do I keep up to date with my child’s progress?

The family portal is updated with progress weekly and we send out full reports twice a year.  

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