Introducing you to our dedicated team of qualified instructors


First up is our director Emma. Emma has been teaching since 2007, taking Duck N’ Dive over in Summer 2022 after being a member of the team for 5 years. Not only does Emma bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, but she also brings bags of passion. Swim instruction has become the centre of Emma’s life, constantly researching new drills and games and often inventing ones of her own to keep her lessons fresh and engaging.

Emma has dived (intended) into her new role as the face of Duck N’ Dive and worked tirelessly to build on the business, introducing reward schemes, mascots and themed weeks to ensure that her and all of her teams lessons are as fun, safe and engaging as possible.

Emma has introduced a dedicated training programme for all staff and personally trains all new teachers and assists to get the very best level of swimming instruction possible. Not only is Emma our director, but she is head of admin, a dedicated Instructor, our lead development squad coach and the brains behind Duck N’ Dive, dedicating her life to it and building it to what it is now.

With countless hours put into her art, Emma has become one of the very best instructors many have had the pleasure to experience.


Next up is Lucy. Lucy qualified in Summer 2022, jumping right in and is now lead instructor 5 days a week.

Lucy is a qualified instructor, our designated SEN and Disability lead, a development squad coach, fully qualified baby and preschool teacher and also a member of our admin team.

Lucy has experience in teaching children as young as 3 months old right up to our senior squad ages, but her main passion and calling in life is her SEN and Disability sessions.

Lucy is a firm believer that swimming should be accessible to all, and works tirelessly to ensure that her lessons are adjusted and altered to the understanding and physical ability of each and everyone of her swimmers. Working closely with parents, Lucy discovers each child fears, abilities and limitations to provide the best, most tailored lessons possible.

Lucy aims to keep her lessons fun and engaging, translating important swimming skills into games and activities.


Next up is Mia. Mia started her journey with Duck N’ Dive at age 7, when she began to have lessons with us. She then went on to swim for Club at age 9, competing in competitions and races from age 10.

At age 16, Mia decided to return to Duck N’ Dive, this time as an assistant instructor, going on to do her Level 2 training and become a fully qualified Instructor. Mia has also achieved her Baby and Pre-school training and is a fully qualified instructor for our sister school, Tiny Swimming and will be going on to coach in our senior and junior development squads.

Mia is the swimming talent of our team, still swimming now at a masters level. Her experience as a swimmer herself means Mia has a vast knowledge on drills and strokes, making her a huge asset to our team.


Meet Beth. Beth is our newest member of the team and is about to embark on her level 2 training to become a qualified instructor here at Duck N’ Dive. In her short time with us Beth has shown real promise, a natural ability with the children and is a huge hit with our swimmers.

Once qualified Beth will continue on our training programme before embarking on and leading her own lessons.

Introducing you to our dedicated team of assists

Here at Duck N’ Dive our assistants are a valued and vital part of our team. Having our assistants in the water allows us to provide children with much smaller ratio’s ensuring our swimmers get the most out of their lessons.

Not only is it vital for our swimmers, but also for our assistants as it ensures they get the important training they need in preparation for taking their courses in the future.


Next up is Nancy. Nancy is Nola’s younger sister and has followed in her footsteps, joining the team in 2023.

Just like Nola, Nancy has been swimming since 3 months old and also swam a mile in a mermaids tail to raise money for charity. Nancy is a natural with the children, knowing when to offer support and when to allow the children to have more independence. She is a fan favourite of lots of our children and her knowledge and loveable nature makes her a great member of our team.


This is Nola. Nola is an assist ad Duck N’ Dive and has been a member of our team since . Nola has been swimming since 3 months old and has even swam a mile in a mermaid tail to raise money for Alzheimer’s. Nola’s vast swimming knowledge means she has all the tools to help us aid your children in getting the best sessions possible. Kind, supportive and knowledgeable, Nola is a huge asset to our team.

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