Professional Swimming Lessons Telford  

If you are looking for kids swimming Telford, Duck N’ Dive is a trusted swim school that ensures children are confident in taking to the water.  

Located in the heart of Telford, our swimming school is renowned for its excellent facilities, experienced instructors, and a curriculum that is designed to help kids become confident and proficient swimmers at any age.

Why Choose us for Swimming in Telford?

Experienced Instructors

Our team of instructors bring years of experience in teaching children to swim, ensuring that each lesson is safe, educational, and enjoyable. Our instructors are great at working with children, using positive teaching and engaging techniques to build confidence and swimming abilities.  

Director, Emma, personally trains all instructors and assistants to Duck N’ Dive standard. This means that parents and carers feel as though our swimming lessons Telford are worthwhile and conducted by the right team.  

Fun and Engaging Lessons

We believe that a children’s swim school should be a fun and enjoyable experience, at every session. Our kids’ swimming lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, incorporating games and activities that make learning to swim exciting. By creating a positive environment, we help children develop a lifelong love for swimming.

Safety First

Safety is our top priority, there’s no doubt about this. We believe this is evident in every aspect of our lessons and how we run our swimming school. Parents can feel confident as they watch on and see their children in good hands with a team of instructors who don’t take safety lightly.

What Swimming Classes do we Offer?

At Duck N’ Dive, we provide an extensive range of swimming lessons in Telford, meaning that there is something for children of all ages to enjoy and benefit from.

Our beginner classes are perfect for children who are new to swimming pools. These classes focus on basic water safety, building comfort in the water, and introducing fundamental swimming techniques such as floating, kicking, and basic strokes.

For children who have mastered the basics, our intermediate classes offer more advanced instruction. These lessons focus on refining techniques, improving endurance, and introducing more complex strokes.  

We wanted to create an inclusive swim school in Telford that aims to highlight the importance of water safety from a young age.  

Join us for Kids Swimming Telford  

Whether your child is just starting out or looking to refine their skills, we have the perfect program to meet their needs. Enrol your child in swimming lessons Telford today with Duck N’ Dive.  

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