We offer swimming lessons to reception and older!

We teach from reception age upwards – for children below reception age, we would recommend our sister school ‘Tiny Swimming’ who offer baby and preschool lessons. Our schools work together closely and we run transition groups for those about to enter reception to ensure that their move to us is as smooth as possible.

Please contact Sarah and her wonderful team at hello@tinyswimming.co.uk for further information. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates! Click below.

SEN & Disability Sessions

£28.50 per session

Here at Duck N’ Dive we value swimming’s nature not only as a fun way for you to stay active, but as a life saving skill that we believe should be accessible to all.

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Starting from £11 per session

Our classes are kept small, with a maximum of six individuals per session.

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Development Squads

Starting from £11

The focus of our squads is teaching stamina, speed and getting our swimmers club ready.

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We offer an optional, completely free consultation service.  No need to go in the water during your first week. You can meet one of our team members at the poolside at a time convenient to you.

This gives you chance to meet your teacher, explain what you would like to get from the sessions and ask any questions you may have.

It gives us chance to show you the facilities and talk you through how we can help you reach your goals.

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Lessons for children are the backbone of our business and each week well over 400 happy swimmers pass through our doors. They work in small classes (in some cases as little as two) and are encouraged by our professionally certified instructors work towards the ASA award scheme.

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£11 per session, paid in full termly


£12 per session, paid in full termly

Private 1:1

£28.50 per session (including SEN )

Private sibling 2:1

£35 per session

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