Getting ready for the first swim lesson is an exciting step in your child's development. At Duck n Dive, we believe that swimming is not only an essential life skill but also a great way to have fun and stay healthy. To ensure your child's first splash is as joyful and smooth as possible, here are some expert tips on how to prepare your little swimmer for their exciting journey with us.

Visit Duck n Dive before the lesson

Familiarity breeds comfort. We recommend visiting our Duck n Dive facility before your child’s first lesson. A quick tour can help your child get acquainted with the surroundings they’ll enjoy, such as the pool, locker areas, and the fun, friendly environment we pride ourselves on. This familiarity can significantly alleviate any initial apprehensions, setting the stage for a fun learning experience. Just get in touch with us for a pre-visit, so we can ensure everything is set for your arrival.

Discuss what to expect

Knowledge is power, especially for young minds. Take some time to chat with your child about what they can expect during their swimming lessons at Duck n Dive. Discuss the structure of a typical lesson, who their instructor will be, and the activities they might be doing in the pool. Knowing these details can transform the unknown into an exciting adventure.

Shop for fun swim gear

Gear up for success by shopping for swim gear together. Let your child pick out their swimsuit, goggles, and a fun towel—perhaps even one that features their favourite cartoon character. Picking their gear can make them feel more involved and excited about their first swim lesson. 

Practice water basics

Start the swim lesson before you even reach the pool. Introduce your child to basic water skills at home, like blowing bubbles and dipping their ears into water during bath time. These simple activities can help diminish fears and build confidence.

Use positive reinforcement

Encouragement goes a long way. Speak positively about swimming and share fun water-related stories. Highlight how proud you are of them for learning how to swim, and continue to reinforce these sentiments after each lesson at Duck n Dive. Our instructors also use positive reinforcement techniques to celebrate every little achievement.

Establish a routine

Consistency is key to building confidence and reducing anxiety. Try to keep the kid's swimming lessons on the same day and time each week. This predictability helps children adjust better and look forward to their lessons. Registering for a regular slot at Duck n Dive is easy and can be done online or over the phone.

Stay calm and supportive

Your confidence in Duck n Dive’s teaching process will influence your child’s outlook. Show your child that you trust us by staying calm and supportive during their lessons. Watch them learn with a smile, and they’ll know they’re in safe hands.

Sign up today at Duck n Dive

By preparing your child with these simple steps and enrolling them at Duck n Dive, you’re setting them up for a successful and enjoyable swim learning experience. 

Ready to dive into swimming lessons? 

We’re dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment that fosters both skill development and a love for swimming. Sign your child up for swimming lessons at Duck n Dive today!  

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