What we do

Getting the best out of lessons with us here at dnd:

We fully understand the choice for lessons is vast, with various options. We believe we offer the best service for Learn to swim lessons, as well as being one of few ASA accredited swim school members in the Local area, due to several factors:

Everything we do is adjusted as much as possible to the individual swimmer; this may mean additional support, reassurance, extra communication with parents/ guardians as well as offering a 1:1 / 2:1 service where most other providers focus on large numbers.

We keep class sizes to a minimum. We believe 4-5 swimmers in mainstream lessons offers a good balance of group activity and the benefits to swimmers whilst allowing us to focus on specific elements of swimming such as stroke technique and skill development. It also means each child gets individual attention.

Our Instructors are of the highest calibre and we insist on prior experience across multiple types of lessons to ensure they bring a wealth of experience to the programme and we then ensure they have introduction and ongoing training and support programmes. We also ensure our instructors attend the latest training and updates within the swimming community.

We have strong links with the Telford Aqua Swimming Club and water based sports groups  to ensure a pathway once the swimmers time with us comes to an end is very much smooth and seamless.

As a parent/ guardian we understand you will want to help and assist both us and your child to ensure best development and value for money is received, we believe you achieve this by:

Understand and respect pool rules, and why we have them; we know rules can be… well rules, and some can occasionally be questioned but all pool rules are there for the safety and enjoyment of all swimmers. Please assist us by ensuring you and your swimmer keep to them and of course let us know if you have any concerns.

Understanding the process, swimming is a journey, each child progresses in their own way and their own pace, whilst we do all we can to assist and ensure best practice, children are always encouraged however we will not put pressure on them to reach untimely goals and expectations.

Talking to your child about their lessons, talk to them about how they best learn and instilling in them that all you ask is that they try their best, and finally ensure they know they can always ask for extra help should they need it.

Praise your child for their efforts, and please talk to us if you have concerns with any element away from poolside

Be prepared for lessons; packing night before works for some parents. Ensure you have everything to hand and remember if you do forget anything don’t just go home. Speak to us and if we can help we will of course!

Think about the little things, they can make a big difference! Tying longer hair back, slightly snugger fitting shorts also help boys and their leg action. Please no big surf board shorts!

As always talk to us if you have any concerns, or even to say if we have done a good job! We love what we do and we love seeing the shared enjoyment and sense of satisfaction our lessons bring to swimmers and their families. Thank you for choosing us with this special task of making your child a happy healthy little swimmer.