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Good morning

I hope you’re all doing well, given current circumstances, and making most of any extra time you’re getting with your loved ones, should you not be a key worker, during this period of time we have found ourselves in.
My number one aim when I took the leap to start my own swim school over 10 years ago , was to provide our children with the vital life skill that is being able to swim confidently and competently which ultimately helps keep them safe. However, with great sadness, I have to say that at this time, as you well know, the safest thing for our children is staying at home.
I imagine you’re likely getting vast numbers of emails currently and are extremely busy, no doubt, having to adapt your routines and juggle your work currently.
I just wanted to touch base with you all, say hello, and answer a few questions we’ve received during the past few days:-
1) A few parents have emailed for reassurance that no payments will be requested for after Easter. I can state that we will absolutely not be taking any payments during this closure period – you do not need to take any action and please do not cancel GoCardless. As soon as we are able to commence lessons again you will be given plenty of notice before payment is due.
2) Reports and what’s happening with those has also been asked; we were due to finalise assessments during the last week of term but as lessons were unfortunately cancelled we have decided that we will be completing assessments during the first few weeks back, and we will issue a report at that stage. We do anticipate some slight skill fade amongst swimmers, and will be working hard to ensure this doesn’t affect future progress or undermine the hard work the swimmers have put in to this date. If however, you do wish for individual feedback at this time let me know and I can request for the teacher to supply this.
3) When are lessons likely returning is, I’m sure you’ll appreciate, unknown at this point in time. We will be closely following guidance set out by Swim England from the government and we will be working hard by planning accordingly, and will of course keep you notified. Please see attached info sheet ref lessons carried over and what our proposed plan is.
4) Some of you have asked if we are still able to issue awards and badges at this time. Whilst the team are not in office or meeting up Michelle does have a small selection of the commonly issued awards to ensure we are able to fulfil badge requests. I know any positive reinforcement is good for children during this time. So please do get in touch should you wish for awards. Payment for badges can be made via BACS.
We will be doing some fun Easter competitions for swimmers of all ages to do from home, with chances to win swimming Goodies ready for when we can hit the pools again so do look out for those on our Facebook page/email.
I have some idea, as a parent myself, to what extent our families are currently having to adapt. I’m well aware there is an overwhelming stream of seemingly good advice out there, particularly on social media, but whatever you are doing is absolutely fine, please don’t make this situation any harder than it needs to be on yourself. As someone who has spent their entire working life around children all I can really tell you is they are more resilient and adaptable than we give them credit for, I imagine though you’ll likely already have observed this for yourself.
Have fun, and we will very much look forward to seeing you soon.
Best wishes from myself, and all the team here at DnD.
Andy Wilde
Swim School Operations Director

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